Arizona farmer outfitted with Glock, bullet-proof vest for safety

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SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. -- There was a time when farmers were just concerned with protecting their animals. That's no longer the case.

"Now I'm worried about am I going to come home at night after work," said Scott Blevins. The farmer and father has every reason to worry. What Blevins witnessed out here last summer was a game changer.

"The Maxima came around here and drove into our farm and knocked out some borders at a high rate of speed," Blevins recalled.

The farmer said Border Patrol stopped the car and insider were drug smugglers carrying a hefty load.

"To have it actually occur on my property, it’s getting way to close to home," Blevins said.

That's why this farmer isn't playing around. For safety he wears a bullet proof vest and pack a handgun and rifle to work.

"I’m convinced somebody’s going to see something they shouldn’t see and somebody’s going to die," Blevins said.

Steve Henry, the chief deputy in the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, agreed.

"It’s not a stretch of the imagination," he said. "I think Mr.Blevins is onto something."

Henry said it's no secret drug smugglers use farms to evade deputies.

"It happens all the time, matter of fact three times yesterday," Henry said.

Despite the danger he believes is imminent, Blevins refuses to leave.

"I want my daughter to have the same opportunities I had and if I have to stand up to be a voice I think that would make my daughter proud," Blevins said.

Henry said his office is doing their best to combat the problem, but the office is understaffed by 100 deputies.