Snow brings Tucson dwellers to Mount Lemmon

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Mount Lemmon got buried in a winter storm Saturday night.

The rain and snow was so dangerous, officials closed the mountain to traffic, but Sunday was a different story.

City dwellers took the opportunity to play in the snow.

Sliding down slopes and snow sculptures. It must be winter in Summerhaven.

"Any snowflake is a benefit out here," said Mount Lemmon visitor Eddie Castro.

Tucsonan Eddie Castro brought his daughter to play in the white stuff.

"Usually she just touches it, it's too cold and then she goes away but this is her first time actually playing, interacting with the snow," said Castro.

The mood Sunday was playful and profitable.

Sledding and snowballs aside the seasons first big snowfall also meant big business.

"Brings a lot of the desert people up.  They want to play in the snow," said Phil Mack.

Phil Mack owns the Mount Lemmon General Store, where the crisp weather is drawing more customers.

"Sleds and gloves right now and after about half an hour in the snow they're ready for hot chocolate and coffee," said Mack.

Some visitors did not seem to mind the cold.  They were more concerned with making the perfect snowman.

"We use a stick and you know you make it right with your hands," said Michael Hector Carrizosa.

And going the distance.

"You go up a hill of snow you get on your sled and then you slide down," said Jose Morales.

With branches heavy with powder and a mist in the air, Summerhaven proved to be a great escape from the city below.

Before making the drive, potential Mount Lemmon visitors will want to check ahead for any restrictions.  When the weather gets wild, officials require you to use a four wheel drive vehicle with chains on the tires.