Standoff suspect surrenders peacefully

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PHOENIX -- Residents of a Phoenix apartment complex were evacuated for a time early Monday morning as police engaged in a standoff off with a man reportedly suffering from depression.

A woman told 3TV's Javier Soto that her brother was holed up in one the units at the Sierra Pines apartment complex at 32nd Avenue north of Dunlap Avenue. She said her brother was fighting a bout of depression.

Residents tell 3TV they were evacuated because somebody in one of the apartments had several guns and might have been threatening to shoot people.

According to police, the suspect, a former Marine, was confronted by his estranged wife. When he reportedly threatened her, she left with the couple's two children, returning later with a pair of police officers. The suspect reportedly threatened both her and the officers. That's when the standoff began.

A patrol officer who also is a former Marine was able to talk to the suspect and build a rapport. Negotiators were then able to convince the suspect to come out, putting an end to the standoff.

Sgt. Trent Crump of the Phoenix Police Department said the suspect surrendered peacefully shortly before 8 a.m., some eight hours after officers first arrived on the scene.

No injuries were reported and police have not released any information about the suspect.

It's not yet clear what charges the suspect might be facing. He will undergo a mental evaluation before any decisions are made.