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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Jerry Peyton, Director, Streetlight Tucson, an organization that provides a safe home where victims of sexual exploitation can find the safety and protection they need to stabilize, heal, and move toward independence. 

Peyton says human trafficking is now the 2nd largest and fastest growing illegal trafficking activity in the world.  He says among the millions trafficked each year, hundreds of thousands are teenage girls, some as young as five years of age.  He says in southern Arizona, most of the victims are runaway teenage girls.  He says you can hire a teenager for sex . . . today . . . in Tucson . . . on the Internet. 

Peyton says the mission of Streetlight Tucson is to work with other local and national organizations to create a coalition of churches united with public and social sectors to bring an end to child sexual exploitation. He says the strategy is to develop a campaign to prevent sexual exploitation of children by educating parents and children in churches and schools and to work with legislative bodies, law enforcement agencies, and the courts to enact stricter laws and enforce tougher penalties for those involved in child sexual exploitation.