Jet fuel stolen from Casa Grande Municipal Airport

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CASA GRANDE - Planes aren't the only things taking flight from the Casa Grande Municipal Airport.
Imaginations are also soaring.

“There's thoughts, there's all kinds of thoughts,” said pilot Jack Dickson. Dickson keeps his plane at this small town airport, but even in small towns big news flies around fast. “He is an absolutely nice guy,” said Dickson.

Most people at the airport describe Raymundo Escada, 39, seen as kind and quiet. Casa Grande police have painted a different portrait.

Escada was arrested in November, accused of stealing loads of jet fuel from the airport.
3TV contact the airport manager and learned over the phone the staff was shocked over the arrest.
Escada worked with the airport maintenance department for 10 years.
After the arrest Escada resigned.

3TV stopped by Escada’s Casa Grande home, his wife answered.
Police said her husband admitted for the past two years to lifting fuel from the airport and selling it, but Escada’s wife said her husband is innocent.

The woman also said her husband wasn’t interested in speaking to with 3TV.
“It's one of those things it's pretty hard to believe.  I don't know if he did it or not.  I have no idea,” said Dickson.

Even though things seem to be flying smoothly at the airport, were told the arrest has now propelled a full on investigation.

Police are still trying to find out who Escada was selling the fuel to and what it was being used for.
Officers said they also found steel drums with jet fuel at Escada’s home valued at more than a thousand dollars.

The fuel was returned to the airport.