New book commemorates the outpouring of support following the Tucson shooting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As the first anniversary of the January 8 shooting inches closer, a new book commemorates the tragedy and the response that followed.

Wednesday it was unveiled for the public to see.

It was a sunny Saturday morning, that quickly turned dark.

"All of our hearts were broken on January 8," said photographer and YWCA Executive Director Janet Marcotte.

But out of that darkness came unity, captured in nearly 50 pages of stunning photos.  Each photo tied to a line delivered during President Obama's speech in Tucson.

"Look at the pictures, ponder the President's words because it has so much meaning, so much depth," said Fund for Civility founder and Jan. 8 survivor Ron Barber.

Together We Thrive started off as a special gift from photographer Janet Marcotte to Congresswoman Giffords as a way for Gabby to witness the outpouring of support.

"I heard that she said, 'Thank Janet, it's beautiful,'" said Marcotte.

And Gabby's not the only one who liked it, Tucsonans lined up to grab a copy.

"This was a book that had great power, in many ways," said Barber to the gathered crowd Wednesday.

It's a book that's stirred up emotion for all Tucsonans, especially survivors.

"Initially it produced tears both of memories I wish I never had...," Barber said.

Thirty retailers in Southern Arizona have agreed to sell the book for $20 dollars.  Most of which will go to both the YWCA Tucson and the fund for civility to help pay for anti bullying and mental health awareness programs.

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