New alternative to getting braces

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PHOENIX -- Are you self-conscious about your crooked smile? While braces and veneers are still a good option to pursue, there's a new alternative turning out results in just three months.

“I looked at the pictures and I don't like my smile,” Connie Henson said.

Henson wants her front teeth to be straight, but she isn't sold on getting braces.

“I figured I could do more behind the scenes and something that no one would notice,” Henson said.

Mesa dentist Donald Clifford told Henson she was a candidate for the Inman Aligner.

“It's designed to straighten your front teeth in as little as three months,” Clifford said.

Not only can it straighten your front teeth in three months, but it can also do the same for the bottom teeth.

“It will go around the crowded teeth,” Clifford said. “There's a bow on the inside and a bow on the outside and it’s all spring loaded. The bows will push towards each other, so that it gently and slowly will move the teeth into a corrected alignment.”

“It can be taken out to eat with, to brush your teeth and floss,” Clifford continued. “If there's an important business meeting, you can take it out.”

Henson is supposed to wear the Inman Aligner 18 to 20 hours a day. She will also see
Clifford every two weeks.

“We have to create a little bit of room in order for the teeth to straighten out,” Clifford said. “We do that by taking these thin little metal strips that are in essence like a little file and we simply dust off the enamel between the teeth.”

And just because results can be achieved in a short amount of time, Clifford said your teeth can go back to looking crooked without the proper maintenance.

“So it's important that we put them into some type of retention and that could be a thin clear tray like an Invisalign type of a tray or we can bond on a skinny little wire in the back of the teeth,” Clifford said.

Henson’s had the Inman Aligner for a month. While things are slowly changing, she said it's worth it.

“It's easy to put in and out,” Henson said. “I'm happy with it. “

The Inman Aligner costs around $2,000. Some insurance companies do cover the dental appliance. For more information, log onto