Whoa! 18-foot great white shark has close encounter with fisherman

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Matt Garrett was out fishing with some friends off the coast of North Carolina Thanksgiving weekend when a large great white shark swimming near the boat caught his eyes.

"It’s not something you typically see," Garrett said.

Garrett was visiting from Boston when he and his friends went out fishing.

"It was our second time fishing; we went fishing the day before, "Garrett said.  "I bought my golf clubs and fishing rods for the Thanksgiving holiday."

He went out in the water about 15 miles off shore, catching a lot black bass but had to release them because they were endangered.

The group went further out into the water about 25 miles off Wrightsville Beach, then all of sudden, everything stopped biting.

"All of a sudden everything was biting then all of a sudden nothing was biting at all.  We knew something was up.  Off in a distance we saw two big fins sticking up in the water," Garrett said. "We thought it was a couple Atlantic Sunfish or two dolphins. As the two fins approached a little closer, we noticed it was a giant shark."

Garrett couldn’t believe his eyes.

"It was all amazement, seeing such a large living creature.  It also doesn’t’ seem real.  It was very surreal," Garrett said. "While it was swimming, the shark t-boned the boat quickly turned around and slapped the boat with its tail."

It didn’t sink in until later just how big the sighting was.

"I had no idea how significant shooting the video was with people all over the world viewing it from my iPhone 4S."