Silver Apple Class of 2011-12: Brett Irwin

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PHOENIX - Our first Silver Apple of this year goes to a young math teacher at Washington High School in Phoenix.

Brett Irwin is kinetic energy, or energy in motion, personified. It's a tough class. Juniors learning physics.

"I joke around that physics is everything. It's math. It's science. It's English. So by learning physics they are learning a little bit about the entire world that they live in," said Irwin.

Irwin takes his teaching responsibilities very seriously setting high standards for himself and his students. But there is more. His student, Shoshana Bell, nominated him for the Silver Apple.

"Not only is Mr. Irwin an amazing teacher who does know his stuff. He is a amazing person. I can feel the bond that he truly has with the students. He actually cares about each and everyone of us," said Bell.

We managed to take this teacher by surprise one day presenting him with the coveted Silver Apple and a $500 check from our sponsor Novocur Pain Management Clinics.

"They always joke with them that I always have a smile even when I am upset or disciplining them," said Irwin. "I hope my personality of being positive, working hard can reflect in their lives right now."

Bell wrote, "In his class we are taught to reach for the moon so if we fall we fall amongst the stars."

Do you know a teacher going above and beyond? If so, we want to hear about them. Nominate them for a Silver Apple award. 3TV would like to thank Novocur Pain Management Clinics for their sponsorship of the Silver Apple program.