U.S. Airways won't give breast cancer patient full refund

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PHOENIX - Little did Lynn McKain know that the dream vacation she booked to Belize recently could be the last trip she’d ever take.  “Not dreaming that in October, I would be diagnosed with incurable breast cancer, and would be unable to travel anywhere,” said Lynn.

Now, Lynn’s dream is turning into a nightmare, not because she won’t be able to go on the trip, but because when she showed U.S. Airways her doctor’s orders not to travel, and to begin chemo therapy immediately, the airline’s policy took precedence over benevolence.  “A number of occasions, I went through the channels, contacted the COO asking for some compassion in this case, asking them to refund our airline tickets,” said Lynn.

The problem is that Lynn bought non-refundable tickets, $4200 worth for her entire family.  U.S. Airways told her that they would waive change fees and issue transferable vouchers.  “But I will never be able  to use a voucher, frankly,” said Lynn.

U.S. Airways, a Phoenix-based company, declined 3TV’s request for an interview Tuesday, but did issue us this statement:

“We are sympathetic with the customer’s situation, and are working with her directly to find a resolution.”

“U.S. Airways needs to be a good corporate citizen in these cases and look at their policy.  It’s the human thing to do.  It’s the compassionate thing to do,” said Lynn.  Lynn’s trip was the celebratory thing to do.  She planned it after being given the “all-clear” from a previous bout with breast cancer.