Neighbors: Chandler man shot by officers had history of 'erratic behavior'

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CHANDLER, Ariz. --  Adam Buckner lived in a home on Jupiter Way for some time, according to neighbors. They say they knew him casually, several saying they were not surprised to hear of his involvement in a shooting Monday night with Chandler Police.

They told 3TV, Buckner, 39, seemed to have a history of erratic behavior.

"I just happened to go out and check my mail and I see him leaving on his bike," said neighbor Kellie Olson. She didn't know she was seeing the start of something terrible.

Police say Buckner threatened a neighbor with a gun before taking off on his bike.

Olson and the other neighbors describe Buckner as a bit all over the place. Sometimes, interactions with him were fine and normal; other times he seemed to be struggling mentally.

"All I've been told is that he's threatened a lot of people in here. He's been in trouble, and cops have been called on him several times," Olson said.

No one is sure why he went after his neighbor, who reportedly was just working in his own front yard. The neighbors called 911 and Chandler Police later caught up with Buckner. When he allegedly raised his gun to officers, they fired back.

"It just sounded like a large crack, and the next thing I know, there's wall to wall cops, detectives, everything," Olson said.

Chandler Police secured the area and tried to save him, but he died at the scene.

"The subject heightened the danger by challenging the officer with his firearm. The officer had no choice but to meet that subject's show of force and eventually fire at the subject," said Chandler Police Detective Seth Tyler.

What's clear is it's an ending that no one wanted, with both neighbors and police wondering what may have set Buckner off.

The officer who shot Buckner is now on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure. He's been with the Chandler Police Department for a year in December.