Occupy Tucson tactic results in more jail time

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Occupy Tucson protesters have changed their tactics and as a result some members of the group are spending time behind bars.

Since Thursday of last week Tucson police have made seven arrests of the occupiers at Veinte de Agosto Park.

"Most people are just saying I'm not going to sign and then being led away, although I think one person kind of did the passive resistance thing and was carried away," said attorney Paul Gattone.

Paul Gattone is one of the attorneys representing some the occupiers in court.

He's supported the group when they were just getting citations and he continues to support their civil disobedience.

"The clients have made the decision that this is something they need to do towards a strategy decision and I made a commitment to support the movement and so I am supporting their decision," said Gattone.

A decision that was made after Tucson police chose to respond to the park at various hours after 10:30 P.M.

"I'm certain that their next step is that they're going to make more trips at night to continuously give more and more citations maybe after that they will decide to raid the park," Gattone said.

Occupiers in Tucson say they are taking another stand tonight they're going to refuse to sign citations and possible chain themselves.  They also say they're ready to get arrested again tonight.

"I've decided to tonight that I certainly will be getting arrested its going to be unique certainly its going to be unlike any other passive arrests that we have seen in quite awhile," said Jon McLane from Occupy Tucson.

Authorities for the Tucson Police Department were not available for comment Monday.

Since occupy Tucson began in mid-October, police have handed out hundreds of citations at both Armory Park and Veinte de Agosto Park, while also racking up tens of thousands of dollars in overtime pay.