Phoenix mom shoots intruder in backyard

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police said a woman shot and killed an intruder in her backyard Monday afternoon.

The 35-year-old woman saw two men in her backyard near 45th Street and Roeser Road at noon and then three hours later saw them again, according to Officer James Holmes.

The woman opened her door and ordered them to leave her property. One of the suspects then reportedly pointed a gun at her.

In fear for her own life and the life of her 13-year-old daughter, the woman fired at the suspect, striking him at least once, according to Holmes. The 29-year-old man died at a local hospital. His name has not been released.

The second suspect immediately left the area and has not been located. He may have fled in a white 2004 or 2005 Chevrolet passenger car. He was described only as a black male.

The victims were not injured.

"Based on everything that we've seen at the scene so far and the statements of both the mom and the daughter it appears to be a self-defense situation," Holmes said.

Police do not know why the suspects were in the woman's yard.