Tucson holiday travelers find journey easy

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Millions of Americans headed home Sunday, wrapping up the Thanksgiving weekend.

Which makes Sunday one of the busiest travel days of the year.

More than 23 million people are expected to take to the skies during November's holiday stretch.

Some of those travelers are passing through the Tucson International Airport.

"We went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see all of our family, my husband and I did," said traveler Marlene Stephenson.

Marelene Stephenson spent hours sitting on a plane, but described the experience as great.

"This was, what, the best in years.  Usually there's snow, bad weather, ice," Stephenson said.

As unlikely as it may seem, many people at the airport say traveling for turkey day was not that bad.

"Get to the airport on time.  Had everything together, everything I need," said traveler Josh Brown.  "Have a good time."

"It's typically hectic but this year's been, well I guess, it's been not as hectic as the past.  It's been enjoyable," said traveler Mike Wimmer.

The airlines, however, expect fewer people per day compared to last year.

Despite the decline in fliers, experts predict the highest number of motorists to hit the road, since the recession started.

"We left the roads were good and didn't come to a complete halt or anything," said a driver.

Tucson drivers were also pleased with gas prices hovering just above $3 a gallon.

"Cheap, $3.03 a gallon," said one traveler about gas prices.  "I was a little surprised."

"Tucson actually has it pretty good, they're pretty cheap here," said another driver.

The holiday trek isn't over.  Experts say traffic on the roads and the skies should last well into this week.