Urn containing ashes of victim's mother stolen

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Traveling was a family tradition to Tammy Hamati and her mom.

"The month before we found out my mom was dying, I took her to Orlando, Florida," Tammy said.

Their trip to Disney in June created lasting memories, before her mother passed away in August. To remember it, Tammy carries a Dr. Seuss backpack her mom bought as a souvenir. But Tuesday night, she left it sitting in her car while she went to dinner in Chandler.

After 45 minutes, she returned to find a car window pulled down, her stereo ripped out and the backpack was gone. But it's not her iPod or laptop inside that she's worried about, it's her Mom.

"We've always traveled together so sometimes I like to bring her with me; she travels with me still." said Tammy.

Her mother's ashes were in a small urn, inside that backpack.

"It's shaped like a heart, it has three beautiful doves flying on it, it weighs about 2 pounds. It's about the size of my palm, and it's all silver," Tammy said.

Chandler Police say while they want to find the thief, finding the urn is most important.

"If the backpack and if the urn are returned to the Chandler Police Department, anonymously, if it's returned to the victim that would be a great gesture to whomever returns it," said Det. Seth Taylor.

Tammy's hopeful the thieves haven't trashed it, and will return it.

"I hope they do. I pray they do," she said.

To ease the pain and the sadness of losing her mom...twice.