Grandma: Parents of found Phoenix toddler tested positive for drugs

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PHOENIX -- A scratch on Karma Diaz's tiny foot is a reminder of a terrible night she went through this week.

"When we got there my heart sank.  I didn't know what to think," said Karma's grandmother, Kari Diaz.

Karma went missing from her Phoenix home Monday before midnight.

The child's mom, Jordan Diaz, 21, told us Tuesday, she left her sleeping baby with friends to run errands.

"She must of woke up and walked out the front door, but everything was locked," she said.

A neighbor found the toddler more than nine hours after she disappeared.

Diaz said her heart broke when she found out why Child Protective Services stepped in and gave her temporary custody of the toddler.

"Both parents tested positive for drugs," Diaz said.

Diaz said her daughter was always against drugs and can't understand why she's now using.

We asked Diaz is she thought her daughter was fit to care for her granddaughter

"Right now, no," she said. "If she was clean and could get her act together and grow up a little bit I think she would be."

We also asked Diaz if she thought drugs played a role in Karma's disappearance Monday.

"It could have. I'm not positive of that," she answered.

Diaz didn't think she would have to play mom in her 40s, but that's what a representative for CPS has asked her to do for the next month.

The family says they are thankful for the police and the neighbors who turned out to help find Karma.