Core Pest Solutions says it will honor termite warranty

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

EL MIRAGE, Ariz. -- Candace Landry and her husband may like their El Mirage home, but they don't exactly like their roommates -- -- colonies of termites.

"I knew this was something that we needed to address and get rid of them because termites can do a lot of damage to homes," Landry said.

Not only do they cause damage, but termites are also just downright disgusting. When you look at Landry's house, her home is loaded with termite tunnels that cover her walls like ivy.
"I don't want my house to fall down or be destroyed by termites,” Landry told 3 On Your Side.

Last year, when Landry realized her home had termites she paid a company called Core Pest Solutions nearly $500 to eliminate them. For that amount, it even came with a five-year guarantee, meaning that if the termites returned within five years, Core Pest Solutions would come back out to re-treat with more poison.

"It was very important because I've known of houses that have had termites where they didn't go away right away and they had to keep getting retreated," Landry explained.

However, now that the termites are back, Landry claims she's had a difficult time getting Core Pest Solutions to come back out to her house. Twice, she says, she set up appointments but Core Pest Solutions never showed up. Landry said living with all the termite tunnels was creepy.
“We had this huge tunnel in our bedroom and just to know that we're sleeping with a termite tunnel in our room,” Landry said. “We took them down and the termites were actually still in the wall"

Landry says when Core Pest Solutions actually did show up, they immediately left without doing anything, claiming they needed to see where the tunnels were so they would know where to treat. But even with the tunnels back, Landry says she can't get Core Pest Solutions to come to her home.

"I would like my money back and I would like to find a termite company that I can trust," Landry said.

The owner of Core Pest Solutions, John Saxton, says his company can be trusted. Saxton acknowledges the missed appointments and although he wasn't interested in returning Landry's money, he did finally show up to retreat her house. Landry says she's relieved, and looks forward to the termites finally dying off.

The owner of Core Pest Solutions initially agreed to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera but then canceled, claiming to have a family emergency. He did, however,  tell us Landry will not have any more problems getting his company out there if the termites return.