CPS releases found Phoenix girl to grandmother

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PHOENIX -- It was the ending everyone was hoping for Tuesday morning.

Karma Diaz, 2, is finally back with her family, following a long night of worry. 

"It's been horrible, everybody thought I did something to my baby," said Karma's mother, Jordan.

The child's mother was on the hot seat after her baby went missing late Monday night.

Phoenix police officers searched from the air around the 4200 block of West Marco Polo Road in Phoenix, as dogs sniffed around a nearby wash early Tuesday.

The question everybody was asking, where was Karma's mom when the baby disappeard?

"I put her down to go to sleep. I ran to my mom's and boyfriend's house and came back here and there was people here," Jordan said.

Jordan said her two friends were sleeping, along with her baby when she left before midnight Monday.

"She must have woke up and walked out the front door, but everything was locked," Jordan said.

Tuesday morning Karma finally turned up in front of another locked door, her neighbor's.

"She opens her door, she looks outside, and sees the baby," said Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Department.

For spending the night in the wash, barefoot and wearing only her pajammas, the toddler seemed OK and was taken to a local hospital for a checkup.

As to what Karma was doing for nearly nine hours alone, that's something police say they may never know.

Police said late Tuesday evening, the toddler was being cared for by Child Protective Services.

According to Officer James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department, CPS released Karms to her grandmother. It is common practice to release a child who has been removed from a home to a relative until the investigation is complete.