Berkely Travel Insurance won't refund pregnant woman

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PHOENIX -- Brooke Otto works a lot, so she thought it might be a good time to take a vacation with her husband just to get away.

"We planned a trip to the Bahamas, we had been there for our honeymoon in 2009 and we just thought we would go and check out another island," Otto said.
After looking at pictures from their last vacation, Otto and her husband logged on to Priceline.Com and booked two tickets to the Bahamas for around $1,300. Otto also spent $60 on travel insurance from a company called BerkelyCare just in case the unexpected happened and she would be able to get their $1,300 back if she canceled.
"Things out of your control happen and just having that security, you know, with all that money made us feel at ease," she explained.
It turns out the unexpected did happen. Otto found out later on that she was pregnant and would be adding to her family. Following some minor complications with her pregnancy, Otto was advised by her doctor to cancel her vacation to the Bahamas, which she did.
"To me, risking my life or the baby's life is not worth it, it really wasn't worth paradise and relaxation," she told 3 On Your Side.
Otto's doctor wrote a letter to BerkelyCare Travel Insurance, saying she should not travel to the Bahamas due to medical reasons. Other documents indicated Otto was cramping, nauseated and vomiting. Still, BerkelyCare refused to return the $1,300 to Otto, saying pregnancy was not valid under her policy.
3 On Your Side got involved and asked BerkelyCare to review the matter. They did, and referred me to a 10-page document where on page 8, it states a normal pregnancy is not refundable unless the woman is hospitalized. Otto can't believe it, saying she bought travel insurance just in case she had to cancel and now that she has to, she can't
"We've booked many trips and this is the first time you have to either be dying or hospitalized to get your money back," Otto said.
I found another exclusion in that policy that I thought was interesting. If you’re in the military and you get called up, you won’t be reimbursed for your trip. Think about that one.