Let mobile apps be your Black Friday guides

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PHOENIX -- If you're one of the many who are planning to hit the stores as soon as the calendar flips to Friday -- Black Friday -- there are several mobile apps to help you be an efficient shopper and find the deals you want.

Computer expert Ken Colburn of Data Doctors shares his three favorite apps to help you ind your way.

TGI Black Friday is a free app that aggregates all of the Black Friday deals in one place so you can make a handy to-do list before braving the stores. You'll know exactly where you need to go to get the best prices on specific items on your shopping list.

Shop Savvy does the comparison shopping for you. Simply scan the bar code of the item you're considering and the app will find out how much it sells for at other stores so you can see if you're really getting a deal.

ShopKick is a free app that gets you rewards simply for going into a store. The rewards points are good for gift cards and more. There are also special deals available only to ShopKick members.

"It's really worth doing," Colburn said.

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