A bet's a bet: Sun Devil Gina Maravilla sings 'Bear Down' for Wildcat April Warnecke

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PHOENIX -- After a week of good-natured trash talk between Arizona State University alum Gina Maravilla and University of Arizona alum April Warnecke leading up to the Duel in the Desert, we now know the winner of the 2011 Territorial Cup -- and the results of a little bet Maravilla and Warnecke made.

With the Sun Devils' loss to the Wildcats, Maravilla not only had to wear Wildcat blue Monday, she also had to sing the U of A fight song -- live on TV.

A woman of her word, Maravilla was a great sport about it, and Warnecke was a graceful winner, keeping the obligatory gloating, "A-S-who"s and "I told you so"s to a minimum.