Another day in court for many Occupy Tucson protesters

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Thursday was a day of action for Occupy groups around the country, including in Tucson.

However, for the Occupiers here, their day of action started in city court.

Another day in city court for the Occupiers with standing room only in Judge Antonio Riojas' courtroom.

The first of three pre-trial hearings with in the next two months for the group.

"Right now we believe that we have 99 defendants which is good because we are representing the 99% of the American people," said attorney Guy Keenan.

Guy Keenan will be representing some of the Occupiers.

He says the goal of the pre-trial is to see what the city will produce for evidence for trial.

Part of the evidence produced was 77 DVDs at a price of $25 a piece.

"We have no idea why they need to charge that much money," Keenan said.  "I believe DVDs cost 25 cents for a blank DVD.  We know the city is facing budget troubles, but from our point of view they shouldn't be bringing all these officers every night into the parks on overtime."

Keenan says the charge for the DVDs not allowing the defense to see the evidence and a rush to set a trial date is all a tactic by the prosecution.

"We haven't seen anything.  We haven't seen a single police report.  We haven't seen a page of any of the state's evidence," Keenan said.  "You could see the state prosecutor was trying to rush us into trial on these matters."

Back at the camp in Veinte de Agosto Park, the Occupiers had a visit from Councilman Paul Cunningham.

"To see him come down here to see that he does want to keep the lines of communication open and wanted me to compromise, it was very encouraging  to see that we hadn't lost his support.," said Occupy Tucson organizer Jon McLane.

Councilman Cunningham has encouraged the group to take action and fill out a permit to be in the park.

The Occupiers say they plan to get the paperwork, but there's no guarantee they will fill it out.

"Run the process through our general assembly to discuss what the different options are, the pros and cons.  At this time I want to think there's something that's prevented us from doing it so far," McLane said.

If the permit application is submitted to the City's Parks Department, there's no guarantee that it will be approved.

As part of Occupy Tucson's action day, a march with "" was planned with a candle light vigil at 7 P.M. for the Occupiers arrested and hurt in other cities.

On December 22, at city court, a trial date may be set for the Occupy Tucson group.