Assurant Solutions finally comes through for Chandler woman

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Kyrsti Kauffman says having three little kids translates into a lot of laundry.

“We talk about how the laundry monster has hit our house again because the laundry baskets are overflowing within a couple of days,” Kauffman said.

So when Kauffman bought a new and pretty pricey washing machine a few years ago, she also bought a five-year extended warranty through GE for a little peace of mind.
“Their promise was the fact that if anything should go wrong, anything whatsoever, someone would come out to our house and it wouldn’t cost me additional to have that taken care of,” Kauffman explained.
So when Kauffman's washer stopped working, she says she called the warranty company right away to get it fixed. However, she says that was in September and since then, GE's warranty company still hasn't fixed her washer. In the meantime, she's had to figure out other ways to get her clothes clean.
“Not being able to use the washing machine requires that I go to a laundromat or I go to the dry-cleaners to drop off the clothes," Kauffman said. "It's extremely expensive."
After repeatedly calling the company for help, she finally called 3 On Your Side.
“The first and the only thing that they have ever said to me, 'We're very sorry for you inconvenience,' well, I'm very sorry for my inconvenience too but you need to do something more,” Kauffman said.
3 On Your Side contacted GE's warranty company, Assurant Solutions, which apologized for the delay and as a result, they're sending Kauffman an $800 check to buy a brand-new washer, which Kauffman says is something she can't get soon enough.