More than 300 Valley kids to be adopted

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PHOENIX -- More than 300 Valley kids will be able to call someone mom and dad. It's all part of a celebration on National Adoption Day.

“We fell in love right the second we saw her,” Lloyd Cadle said.

Cadle is talking about baby Grace. She’s been a part of his family since she was 2 months old. She is one of at least 100 kids Cadle and his wife, Lydia, have fostered in the last 15 years.

“When we got her she was going blind behind both retinas,” Cadle said. “She's had a heart surgery. She's still on a feeding tube.”

Two-year-old Grace was born prematurely. She weighed in at 1 pound, 3 ounces.

“She's doing well,” Cadle said. “She's standing up and it won't be long. She should have a normal life.”

A normal life the Cadles are hoping to be a part of permanently. Saturday is National Adoption Day and Grace will be one of more than 300 kids going home with Valley families.

“When you live your life and you’re all done and look back, the things that are important are going to be these kids that you’re able to take into your house and give them a home,” Cadle said.

Grace isn't the only child to be adopted into the Cadle family. The couple has a 16-year-old biological daughter, plus they adopted two other children now 10 and 16 and hope to add a 5-year-old boy early next year.
“I would like to see other great families out there do the same thing,” Cadle said.

Inspiring others to consider adoption is what he hopes people take away from his own experience.
“Most of the children do come from troubled homes, but one thing is the child will adapt to your family,” Cadle said. “You have to be open to specialties. If they need counseling, physical therapy or speech therapy, a lot of them do need this because of the experience they've gone through.”

But in the end, it's about giving every child without a family a second chance.

"We have a lot of love,” Cadle said. “So we like to give the love back to the kids and they then in return give us back the love, too.”