Tucson headlines: Women in politics workshop; Shots fired; Booster seat event; Mesquite milling; Flu shot clinic; Unemployment decline

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A workshop Thursday gave young women the opportunity to mingle with women in politics.

The running and winning workshop gave Cienga High School girls the chance to see how they could become political decision makers.

"So many of our girls have a vast amount of interests and so here bringing women that all different aspects of politics and were introducing these young ladies to them," said Teacher Cienega High School Brittany Bourgeois.

"I think it's really neat.  I have always been interested in politics and I like to be politically involved I think its really a neat opportunity," said Cienega High School Senior Catlin Callihen.

The league of women voters of greater Tucson has been hosting the workshop for the last nine years.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- Police are looking for whoever fired a gun at businesses on Fort Lowell Road Wednesday night.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired at about 1 A.M.

They discovered multiple shots had been fired in an area on Fort Lowell west of First Avenue.

They currently have no suspects.

If you have any information that can help, call 911 or 88-CRIME.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- Sheriff's deputies are asking for help solving a murder.  On October 19 after closing time, Marcos Luis Felix was injured in a fight at the Lazy V Bar on West Alvaro Road.

According to the County's Medical Examiner, Felix died at the hospital from injuries suffered in the bar fight.

Now deputies are looking for the other man involved in the fight.

He's described as a Hispanic man in his 30s, about 5'10", weighing between 250 and 300 pounds.

He was wearing a white shirt and had short dark hair.  Anyone with information should call 911 or 88-CRIME.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- The importance of child booster seats were the focus of an event Thursday at Whitmore Elementary School.

Ford Motor Company, Meharry Medical College, and TMC teamed up for the "See Me Safe" program.

Studies show most children transition too soon out of booster seats into adult seat belts.

"And the booster seat its important because when the child goes from the toddler seat to the vehicle seat the seat belt wont hit that child at the key points.  We'll hit 'em at the soft tissue and we want the seat belt to hit them across the chest and from hip to hip," said Program Mgr. Angel Brown.

Ford provided 100 booster seats for distribution to families and second graders at Whitmore participated in a drawing contest promoting booster safety.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- We've all taken shelter from the desert sun in the shade of a mesquite tree, but did you know mesquites provide food also?

The seed pods can be milled into a nutritious flour or processed into sweeteners, but it's hard to do at home.

That's why the Santa Cruz River Farmers' Market will mill your pods into flour you can take home for baking, and it only costs $5.

The market runs every Thursday from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. at El Mercado San Augustin, just west of Interstate 10 near the corner of Congress Street and Grande Avenue.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- A free flu shot clinic was held in Oro Valley Thursday and you didn't have to leave your car.

The Oro Valley hospital held the drive-thru clinic for 4 hours.  About 150 adults took advantage of the flu shots. The clinic also had a food drive for the Catalina Community Services Food Bank.

"It can be a dangerous virus for a lot of people so the flu shots can help minimize the severity if you do get it," said Kim Chimene from Oro Valley Hospital.

If you haven't gotten a flu shot this season, there is still time.  The flu season is expected to run through early next year.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- Good news on the job front. Tucson's unemployment rate is on the decline.

The unemployment rate dropped to 7.9% in October, which is down from 8% in September.

Its also a decline from a year earlier which saw an unemployment rate of 8.7%.