Nuvira cold laser grows hair without surgery

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A youthful appearance for both men and women is often a priority in the workplace, social gatherings and just for good self-esteem. However, thinning hair can advance the clock on aging. Nuvira Hair Growth Therapy uses an innovative cold laser treatment to help grow hair naturally.

The Cold laser is a painless non-surgical process where you sit underneath a light and the red spectrum of the light wave rejuvenates hair growth by delivering increased nourishment and blood flow to the cells. Good candidates for the treatment is anyone with living follicles. Not so good candidates consist of people that have lost too many follicles. For example, Bruce Willis and Charles Barkley would not be good candidates as the treatment can only stimulate living follicles to grow hair. The treatment works on men and women with all different types of hair textures. Even if you currently have peach fuzz, Nuvira has something to work with but, the sooner you get started the better the results will be.

The location of Nuvira is in a non-traditional location. They chose to put the practice in retail outlets as oppose to medical buildings. They chose this location because they wanted more people to know about this treatment. The technology is old but its being used in a new application. The retail location is part of an effort to get the word out about the new application.

Consultation usually only lasts for about 15-30 minutes, where they'll take a look at the scalp under 50 times magnification. Patients can look at their hair follicles during the consultation and then talk about treatment, cost, time line and maintenance with the doctor. For more information or to schedule a consultation visit Nuvira Hair Growth Therapy on line.

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