Bicyclist critically hurt after getting caught under a Deer Valley school bus

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PHOENIX -- It was a scary ride home for kids on a Valley school bus Wednesday afternoon when their bus hit a man on a bicycle near 23rd Avenue and Union Hills.

The bus was carrying kids from Deer Valley Unified School District and some students said they saw the man on his bike seconds before the accident.

The 29-year-old man was riding close to the right side of the bus on the street. The bus driver went to make her normal left turn when somehow the man and his bike were caught under the back right wheels and was run over by the bus.

People in the neighborhood said they heard some kind of thud then a man screaming. Investigators are trying to figure out how he ended up underneath.

"You would think that he'd be on the sidewalk where the bus driver would have a good view of him, but it looks like he was probably on the blind side of the bus driver," said Jorge Enriquez with the Phoenix Fire Department. "It was a really weird situation."

Phoenix fire says the man likely fractured his pelvis and is in critical condition. Because this accident involved a school bus, DPS will join the investigation to see if anything mechanically went wrong.