Atheism billboards show up in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Two new billboards that have gone up in the city have a unique message, and residents may be surprised to see what they say and what group sponsors them.

The billboards at Ajo and Dodge and at Speedway and Main, may have some commuters doing a double take.

There's no nudity or foul language on them; however, there's a message on them from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

"Atheists don't have horns.  That we love our neighbors.  We want our neighbors to progress we want society to get smarter and live happier more productive lives," said Dr. Stephen Uhl.

Doctor Stephen Uhl and his wife Diane appear on the two billboards in Tucson. Both are atheists.

"We're life members of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, they see how religion gets in the way of progress at times," Uhl said.

Grady Scott is the head pastor at Grace Temple Baptist church.  He says, the billboards are a freedom of speech issue, and it's all about choice.

"And if people choose to say that there is no God, they have that right.  They have the right to choose.  I think it’s beautiful," said Pastor Grady Scott.  "I think it's one of the things that makes our country great, but also makes our faith great."

Pastor Scott believes the message on the billboards will not have an effect on Christians.

"It may cause some people to think, but again, faith is an individual choice and if people choose to come to God, I don't think the billboards will keep them from coming," Scott said.

The Uhls say they're just trying to let people know there are other options.

"Encourage them to look at other things, rather than doing something for someone else because there's going to be something that happens after this life ends," Uhl said.

The billboard campaign is expected to last about a month.

There are two billboards in Tucson and nine in Phoenix.