Testimony continues in Baseline Killer case after Goudeau blasts lawyers

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Prosecutors in Phoenix's Baseline Killer case spent Wednesday trying to poke holes in the testimony of a psychologist who said that a man convicted of killing nine people deserves to be shown mercy because of a "chaotic" childhood.
A jury is considering whether to sentence 47-year-old Mark Goudeau to life in prison or give him the death penalty.
They found him guilty of nine murder counts and 58 other charges, including rape and kidnapping, on Oct. 31. They also found that he is eligible for the death penalty after prosecutors argued that the murders were especially cruel.
Prosecutor Suzanne Cohen on Wednesday questioned testimony from Mark Cunningham, a psychologist who told jurors that Goudeau's childhood was chaotic and that he's unlikely to commit serious violence in prison if given life.