Tucson council resolves Sun Tran conflict, agrees to examine lighting ordinance and votes to move UA into Hi Corbett

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It looked like a battle was brewing between the City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority over the management of Sun Tran.

Also hanging in the balance was the future of the Modern Street Car.

But conflict was avoided.

The City of Tucson decided to move forward with the competitive bid process, but they managed to do it without crippling the Modern Street Car project.

"We're very glad we're able to work with the city to resolve this," said David Joseph from the RTA.

Prior to Tuesday's council meeting the RTA was concerned a change in the city's transit management services vendor would knock the Modern Street Car off its tracks.

"If it gets disrupted by having a change in key team members, we felt there was a real danger to the project ending up on time and getting on the road," Joseph said.

Officials wanted the same people to see the project through this critical phase.

"The team that is in place needs to complete their work," Joseph said.

And now they will, the news also came as a relief to the Bus Riders Union.

"The council isn't just going to just hand their bus management company over to the RTA.  That's a good thing," said Brian Flagg from the Bus Riders Union.

Instead the city will start seeking bids for transit management services for Sun Tran and Sun Van. Councilman Steve Kozachik says it's the right thing to do, for the taxpayers.

"I think it's perfectly appropriate we go through the RFP process.  The contract has ended, we need to make sure we're spending in the most effective way we can," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

Council members have until May of 2012 to award the bid.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson's city council also took another step forward on it's new lighting ordinance.

The city will look at making Tucson's skies darker to help out astronomers in the market.

The council voted unanimously to keep looking at the proposal and discuss it further in coming weeks.

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The city council approved a big deal to move University of Arizona baseball into Hi Corbett.

Council members voted 5 to zero.

The deal comes after weeks of conflict with the Tucson Toros who say their lease is still valid.

Last week council members directed the city attorney to try and settle with the Toros to avoid further legal action.

The deal won't be complete until both parties settle.