Thanksgiving Table Dcor Ideas

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Thanksgiving, a day set aside to give thanks. We are thankful for our family, friends, amazing food and, of course we can’t forget … football. For many, the day starts weeks prior with tireless preparations to make every detail perfect. The menu is written, shopping list started, guests are invited and visions of the Thanksgiving table begin. For many the décor is almost as difficult as the planning or preparing the many dishes which make up the holiday feast. This is where a little creativity and a little help from your truly comes into play. 

Traditionally, the Thanksgiving table takes on the colors, textures and feel of fall. Pumpkins, gourds, berries and squash real or fake help to complete the harvest look. Colorful linens and even bottles of wine can add to your holiday flare. You can even recycle some of those left over Halloween decoration to add to your ensemble.  Here are some other details that can help to capture the traditional feel of the holidays.
One tried and true detail I use on just about every dinner table- candles. Now, you can even use the new LED candles which come in all shapes and sizes. Adding them will provide warmth to the table with no hazardous flames. You can jazz up the candles by printing Thanksgiving quotes on parchment paper, attaching them to the candles with two-sided tape and some ribbon for color. Place-cards, another Thanksgiving tradition, helps solve the battle for who will sit next to whom- and we all know how tricky that can be. Get the family involved on this one. Scrap booking paper, card stock and some festive fall stickers can make a fun project for the kids. Don’t be afraid to combine different textures and patterns of linens. Pulling all these pieces together will have everyone feeling the warmth of family tradition.

So, what to do if you’re not the traditional type, but still want to achieve the “wow” factor of a beautifully set Thanksgiving table? Don’t worry I have a few ideas for you too! For this I rely on memories of biting into a fresh crisp, slightly sour apple or the smell of cinnamon apples filling the air. That’s right nothing says fall more than apples.  Take those images and build a more modern fresh Thanksgiving table. Granny smith apples are the perfect green. Pair them with brown linens (cotton and velvet) and crisp white linen napkins. Add some funky green ribbon and white roses for that something extra. Don’t forget the candles and place cards; some traditions are too good to give up.

Lastly, if you are looking for the same great Thanksgiving table but would also like to watch your budget. Start with sunflowers, they are bright, fresh and big, which means you only need a few to make a huge impact. Shop the produce section at your local store for the other items like Pomegranates and pears. They can make a festive statement and they can be eaten later- such a yummy way to recycle and eliminate waste. For vases use mason jars or other non-matching holders for an eclectic look.

Just remember, no matter your style or budget, you can create a fantastic Thanksgiving table with just a little imagination. By using just a few of these tips, I’d even venture to say it will be so beautiful your guest may not even ask what’s on the menu.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Michele Jeffery – AZ Live Events