Dr. Phil: More to investigate in the death of Rebecca Zahau

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- A bold statement today from Dr. Phil McGraw about the death of Rebecca Zahau. He believes there's more to uncover from San Diego County's autopsy and the second autopsy taking part in his show.

"There is also some physical evidence that was mentioned but not explained in both autopsies, and I think there's going to have to be some further investigation before this can be ruled a suicide," said McGraw. 

The San Diego Sheriff's Department ruled her death a suicide, but her family may get their shot at a second investigation. Zahau's sister Mary and her husband sat down with Dr. Phil, and have allowed his cameras to follow their fight, from exhuming Zahau's body to the independent autopsy.

"Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht has conducted a new autopsy and I will try and help this family with the findings, whatever they may be," said McGraw.

Zahau's sister feels her sister was murdered. The family's attorney, Anne Bremner, outlined clues she feels didn't get enough attention from investigators.

"They didn't look at a pair of women's underwear in a garbage can at the guest house. They didn't look at black gloves at the scene. They didn't look at very many people for DNA or fingerprints," said Bremner.  "This is a case where there's blood in the shower, not analyzed. There's footprints in the kitchen, not analyzed...there's so many things, when you talk about new evidence,  that were known to the Sheriff and not followed up on back then," said Bremner.

"It stinks.  It was staged," said Paul Ciolino, a private investigator hired to re-examine the physical evidence and delve into Zahau's past.   He cited the elaborate knots used to tie Zahau's hands and feet, among other evidence which he believes points to homicide.

"There's not a chance in hell that a religious woman raised by missionaries would expose her body publicly," said Ciolino.

Dr. Phil believes investigators should re-open the case.

"There are real inconsistencies which show there may have been foul play involved," McGraw said in an interview with 3TV Monday night.

Some of their other questions could be answered by the autopsy. Dr. Phil will have the results on Tuesday's show and they'll likely determine where and how far the case continues from here.