Fundraiser held to honor fallen agent Brian Terry

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The family of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was in Phoenix Saturday night for a fundraiser in his honor.

Terry was 40-year-old when he was shot and killed by armed bandits while patrolling the desert near Rio Rico last December.

The woman who put together the benefit chose to do it without ever meeting Terry's family.

Saturday was a big day for Christy Lynn Miller.  She has been organizing a massive fundraiser the past two months to benefit the family of a border patrol agent killed in the line of duty.

"There's so many brave people out there and we just don't recognize it anymore," said Brian Terry Fundraiser organizer Christy Lynn Miller.

It's been almost a year since agent Brian Terry was killed.

He and his team had confronted five "border bandits" near Rio Rico when a gun battle erupted and Terry was shot.

"I just felt he needed to be honored," Miller said.  "He needed to be thanked."

What's even more, Christy had never met Brian Terry or his family.

"Finally in my life, that I wanted to do something that was bigger and better and pay it forward," Miller said.  "I mean definitely pay if forward, but something that, it baffles me why I decided to do this, but I'm pretty proud of it."

Christy wants to pay it forward and hopes others will do the same.

"I'm just so proud of what we've done and I know whatever is going to happen tonight is it's just going to be a fabulous gathering of people just a mixture of people, people who just want to celebrate his life and honor him," Miller said.

Terry's mother, Josephine Terry, has told the Arizona Republic she holds the government responsible for her son's death.

Two of the guns found at the murder scene have been linked to the botched ATF operation "Fast and Furious."