Tucson government: Scott's victory certain; Rio Nuevo moves offices

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson's city council democrats will stay undefeated this election.

With just about 20 ballots to be verified, Councilwoman Shirley Scott holds a slim 1,800 vote lead, but it will be more than enough to keep her seat.

This will be Scott's fifth term on the city council.  She was unable to claim victory on Tuesday night.  The race was just too close to call.

But that lead held after counting the 8,400 ballots dropped off on election day.  Thursday night in an email to her supporters, she claimed victory.

She could not be reached for comment Thursday evening, but her opponent Tyler Vogt had comments about the close race.

"I congratulate her on her win and I hope she takes some of the information that was put out in our campaign as far as how are we going to move Tucson forward and really get Tucsonans back to work," Vogt said.

Scott has held a slim lead since Tuesday, but with a few thousand ballots to be counted, it remained a technical possibility for her to lose her lead.

Scott's win completes a clean sweep for democrats.

Jonathan Rothschild, Regina Romero and Paul Cunningham all easily won their races Tuesday night.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Rio Nuevo board met Thursday for the first time since Tuesday's election, and it's not at the Tucson Convention Center.

The board now meeting at the state office building, home of Rio Nuevo's new office.

Rio Nuevo chair Jodi Bain says the move was necessary, while the city and the board move forward with mediation.

"To be in a neutral location where you have your offices, where you have your meetings, and you're not in constant dispute is also very important because this is not supposed to be a conflict ridden project; it has been but it's not supposed to be. So, this may alleviate some of the pressures in the continued interaction with the city staff and bureaucracy and mayor and council," Bain said.

Both Chairwoman Bain and board member Jonathan Paton say they're optimistic that under a new mayor the relationship between the district and the city may improve enough to get some sort of project done.