Family says students arrested for writing "death plan" were joking

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CHANDLER, ARIZ.--The so-called "death plan" allegedly authored by five Chandler eighth graders ranges from violent to plain bizarre.

"Tie a brick around her neck and drop her in a pool," one student writes.

"Stab her a million times with safety pins," suggests another.

Someone else writes: "Tie her up and put a dead butterfly in her mouth and have a recorder playing her voice over and over and over again."

A relative of one of the students say the note was a joke, but police and school authorities are taking it very seriously.

The five Santan Junior High students were arrested last Friday and now face charges of intimidation and threatening. They have released into their parents' custody but are also suspended for nine days.

Chandler Unified School District officials are reportedly considering expelling them from the district.

"It's just chilling to think that students in the eighth grade are really thinking of this torturous ways to kill a human being, it's just unspeakable," said Chandler Police Sgt. Joe Favazzo.

But the relatives of one of the disciplined students said officials are going too far, and crucifying the students.

The grandmother of one of the girls arrested did not want to be identified by name but said the students wrote the note as a joke and had no intention of acting out their words.

"I'm not discounting what they did as being a stupid choice at all and they should be punished accordingly," she said. "But in their defense, they didn't realize that what they were doing was wrong, they were venting, they were joking."

She said the students are all honors students with no records. They will all have disciplinary hearings in the coming weeks.