Man accused of blinding pilots with laser

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PHOENIX - The Federal Aviation Administration reports the Phoenix area ranks first nationwide for the number of incidents of people pointing laser beams at planes.  With the arrest of a man Wednesday, police hope the incidents will decrease.

"I was glad to catch this gentleman. He's been causing problems for pilots for quite some time, including myself," said Phoenix Police Pilot Brent Bundy.

Police say  Wednesday evening, commercial pilots landing at Sky Harbor reported someone near Cardinals Stadium shining a laser at them.

The Phoenix Police chopper launched, and was soon hit with the same laser.

"He continued to follow us with the laser," said Officer Bundy, which eventually helped lead police right to their suspect.

They arrested 46-year-old Michael Cerise Wednesday night.

"People don't realize the danger these [lasers] pose," said Bundy.  "They can blind us or cause headaches for pilots."