Tucson Salvation Army desperate for turkeys

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Thanksgiving is a little more than two weeks away and the Salvation Army is having major trouble filling its shelves with turkeys.

The Salvation Army will be celebrating its 27th Thanksgiving Dinner on the 24.  A Thanksgiving dinner without turkeys. Is like Christmas without the gifts. And the Salvation Army could be facing a turkey-less thanksgiving.

"Most of the turkeys start coming in right after Halloween people start re-focusing on the holiday but we've just got maybe a dozen turkeys right now that's all," said Salvation Army PR Director Tamara McElwee.

Last year it didn't take too long to fill up the salvation army freezer.  Tamara McElwee says. Things are going much slower this year, "Personally, I have been doing it for 9 years and this is probably the slowest year at this point in time that I have seen."

The Salvation Army needs five hundred pre-baked pies and five hundred turkeys for their annual community dinner.

The plan is to serve about 4,000 meals.

"That translates into a lot of resources and a lot of volunteers the volunteers are are there we got those we just need those resources," McElwee said.

This is a crucial time because the volunteers have to thaw out the turkeys and start prepping the dinner pretty soon.

"We're actually a little more than two weeks away from starting to cook for the thanksgiving dinner so there's a lot we have to come in before we can do that," McElwee said.

McElwee says she always gets a little nervous in November, but she's hoping that the Tucson community will come through for the 27th year in a row, "I'm hopeful that Tucson comes out as a very generous community but we need to have a lot happen in the next two weeks."

There are a couple ways to donate, you can drop turkeys off at the Salvation Army offices on Richey and 11th Avenue or call the Salvation Army and they will pick them up from your location.