Help for homeless veterans

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PHOENIX -- Officials with the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness say roughly 1,200 veterans are homeless on the streets of Maricopa County.

Volunteers spent early evenings and early mornings on the streets of the Valley, searching for homeless vets on the streets and in shelters. Dozens agreed to participate in surveys with the volunteers, answering questions about their medical histories, their time in the service, and what help they're looking for.

Most of the homeless veterans are from the Vietnam era, but volunteers are finding some in their early 20s who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

"You got so many young soldiers going over four or five times," said homeless Army veteran Heisley Jimenez. "They come back and they're not the same person. You see all that, and there's no way they're the same person."

As the homeless count continues, a 75-unit facility was opened in South Phoenix to help the veterans. The latest phase of Victory Place will provide affordable housing and a variety of support services for veterans. More units are under construction.