Tucson council members to introduce texting while driving ban

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- If you're a texter and a driver, chances are you've done both or at least tried to at the same time.

But some city leaders hope to break the habit, by slapping the multi-taskers with a big fine.

There are studies that indicate texting while driving, is even more dangerous than driving drunk.  That's why a couple council members plan to make their case this week for a citywide ban on texting while behind this wheel.

The road is filled with distractions.  The last thing drivers need is another one.

The City of Tucson has made a video to promote a proposed ban on texting.

"I am a texter, but I do not text and drive," said Robert McRay.  It's a choice that could save McRay's life, and a lot of cash.

This week, council members Steve Kozachik and Karin Uhlich plan to introduce a no texting while driving ordinance.

"There are three things that are important while you're driving, you keep your hands on the wheel, you keep your eyes on the road and you keep your mind focused on what you're doing," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

The motion comes nine months after the Arizona legislature shot down a statewide ban.

"People when they get behind the wheel of a 2,000 pound chunk of steel, they need to be focused on that," Kozachik said.

The council members' proposal is subject to change, but for now looks much like the texting ban passed in Phoenix in 2007.

Fines could run in the hundreds, but would vary depending on whether violators were caught in the act or if texting caused an accident.

"That would probably stop people from texting a lot," McRay said.

Drivers aren't in violation if they're texting while stopped.  The ban also wouldn't apply to drivers who believe they're in danger or if you're behind the wheel of a public safety vehicle.

"Sometimes when they're en route to an accident, it's a matter of getting their on time," Kozachik said.

Every Tucsonan interviewed by Fox 11 News agreed with the ban.  When it comes to keeping safe on the road, they've got nothing to LOL about.

"I don't want an accident, I'd rather just stay focused on the road and go where I need to go," McRay said.

The proposed ordinance will go before the city council at their meeting this Wednesday.

Council member Kozachik hopes to get it passed by the holidays.