Occupy Tucson marches on banks

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Occupy Tucson was not done after Thursday night's eviction from Armory Park.

Saturday, the movement teamed up with MoveOn.org for a march on the banks.

And they're asking you to move your money.

They took their message around downtown Tucson with pitstops at each of the big banks.

"The banks havent been held accoutnable for any of the problems they've caused, the crisis in the economy," said Christopher Lovato from MoveOn.org.

After three weeks of park citations, protesters say its time to ticket the banks.

"Banks should be cited for criminal activity rather than bailed out by taxpayers, which is totally wrong," Lovato said.

And leave the 99% alone.

"Hold the banks and 1% accountable for trashing our economy," said Julie Patterson with MoveOn.org.

The banks were closed by the time protesters got to them, but come next week, they're calling on all Tucsonans to move their money.

"Keep your money in local banks.  Where it's still in the community doing some good," Patterson said.

Across the country, thousands marched on their banks in their cities many actually closing their accounts.

In Tucson, Saturday's march coupled with recent events has fueled the movement.

And for many people, the banks are responsible.

"Not a big part of the problem, the problem," said a protester.

Protesters showed no signs of leaving Veinte de Agosto Park, at least by the end of the weekend.

City leaders are expected to meet early next week to plan their next move.