Chilly U of A homecoming

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With temperatures hovering around 60 degrees Saturday, the annual homecoming soiree at the U of A was an unusually chilly one.

Still people enjoyed the sights, sounds, and tastes of game day.

"We were a little concerned about weather but obviously that hasn't caused any problem at all it's beautiful out," said President of the Alumni Association Melinda Burke.

There could not have been a nicer day to express your allegiance to your Alma Mater.

"The mall right now is buzzing we think there are about 50,000 on the mall right now," said Burke.

There was a lot of dancing at the homecoming celebration to lift spirits for Saturday night's game against Utah.

"Every year we always get out and dance and it turns into such an ordeal everyone comes it's so fun," said Natalie Chernow from the UA Dance Team.

Food is always a football day favorite, especially grilling.

"Barbeque is part of the American lifestyle, always has been," said Charles Kendrick from Mr. K's BBQ.

Charles Kendrick is not only dishing out the barbeque, his alumni status is a big part of U of A history.

"I graduated from the College of Pharmacy in 1955.  I was the first Arizona black to finish from the College of Pharmacy here," Kendrick said.

Blue skies and a slight chill in the air even attracted a local celebrity.  Retired U of A basketball player Joseph Blaire stopped by to sign some autographs.

"It's always wonderful to see all the old faces and see everybody coming back to the community. Especially me, who lives in this town and see what it mean to have all these people and their pride," said Blaire.

Despite the cool down, models showed off the latest fashions in Wildcat wear for every season.

School duds and school pride to lead up to a showdown on the field.