Tucson traffic stop leads to chase, apprehension near Casa Grande

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

TUCSON, Ariz. -- What started as a police stop, turned into an alleged hi-jacking, officer involved shooting and high speed chase that led to a multi-agency pursuit up the I-10 Sunday.

"I hear a gunshot, and it sounded like a gun shot," said resident Errol Moore.

What east side resident Errol Moore heard was an apparent confrontation between a Tucson police officer and a suspected car thief.

"So the next thing I saw was police, I mean tons of police," said Moore.

It happened in a neighborhood near 29th Street and Columbus.  Investigators say a 16-year police veteran arrived to help fellow officers detain a suspect on the run.

"Sergeant Robinson got out of his patrol car and immediately engaged in a foot chase with the suspect.  Unfortunately, that foot chase resulted with that suspect circling back around the sergeant and managed to get into the patrol car," said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt from the Tucson Police Dept.

As the officer tried to wrestle the suspect out of the cruiser, police say the suspect hit the gas, dragging the officer along.  The officer drew his weapon.

"He was able to fire a single shot and yes, that occurred as he was being dragged by the vehicle," Ronstadt said.

Investigators say the suspect drove away.  The sergeant suffered minor scrapes.

"And then he start running down the sidewalk and another police came up and picked him up and left,"  Moore said.

Police say they caught up with the suspect when he hit the highway westbound towards Phoenix.

At one point his speed reached more than 115 miles per hour.  DPS took over as the stolen cruiser approached Casa Grande.

"Officers up there used road spikes to bring the pursuit to a stop and the suspect was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit there," Ronstadt said.

Police apparently tazed the suspect and then arrested him.

TPD says the suspect faces numerous felony charges.