Woman goes back into burning home to save dog

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PHOENIX -- An electrical appliance might be to blame for an early morning house fire at a Phoenix home.

It happened at about 3 a.m. in the neighborhood of 52nd Street and Pershing Avenue, which is southwest of 56th Street and Thunderbird Road.

The woman who lives in the home said she was not awakened by a smoke detector, but rather by a burning feeling in her throat. As she woke up, she realized her bedroom was filled with smoke.

She was able to get outside, but then went back into the burning house for her dog.

Emergency crews treated both her and her dog for smoke inhalation. Both are expected to be just fine.

Fire crews say the woman was lucky, but they want to remind people that once they are safely out of a burning structure they should stay out and leave any rescue, including that of pets, to the firefighters. Preservation of life is their first priority and they understand how people feel about their beloved pets.

Emergency crews also say people should test their smoke alarms every month and replace the batteries every year.

“We know smoke detectors save lives,” said Capt. Scott Walker of the Phoenix Fire Department while demonstrating a talking smoke detector on "Good Morning! Arizona" last month.

Early indications are that a freezer in a back room might have sparked the fire.