5 Tips to keep the kids focused on school during the holidays

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PHOENIX -- Halloween is something of a kick-off to a whirlwind of holiday fun -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's all happened within a relatively short span of time. It's an exciting time, especially for kids.

All of that excitement can be distracting. After all, who wants to think about school when there's holiday fun to be had?

Education specialist Jennifer S. Clair, aka the Tutor Doctor, offered five tips to help you keep your kids focused on their studies.

1. Make sure your child has a quiet place at home, free of distraction, to study and do homework or other tasks for school.

2. Give your children a healthy snack. Avoid junk food as extra sugar will make it hard for them to concentrate.

3. Children should balance a healthy diet with physical activity. Studies show that kids who are physically active score higher on tests. A good night's sleep (8 to 9 hours) is also very important.

4.  Let your children have a regular time Monday-Friday after school that they know they must at least sit down and go over their calendar and agenda even if they don't have homework.

5. Get help for your children if they need it. Sometimes parents are not the best people to help a child. They actually may listen more if there is an outside person.

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