Tucson headlines: Cat killer at large; Santa Cruz River project; Humane Society deal; Dust storm warning

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Still no word who tortured and killed a kitten then tossed it out the window of a car in the foothills.

Sheriff's deputies believe it may have been a high school student or group of students.

The person strangled the cat and fractured its skull.

An expert in animal abuse, retired deputy Mike Duffy believes its important to find the person who did this before it leads to more violent acts.

"If this is a youthful offender it frightens us some to think that a young person would do this because we know that it would be very easy for them to then become doing violent things to human beings," Duffy said.  "We want to stop that before it happens."

The incident happened around October 6. They found the kitten on the road near Swan and Sunrise.

If you know anything there is a reward, call 88-CRIME.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- An open house Thursday night educated people who will be affected by a project on the Santa Cruz River.

Paseo De Las Iglesias is a project providing river bank protection, ecosystem restoration and river parkway improvements along the Santa Cruz from Ajo to Silverlake Road.

"This project is a 2004 voter-approved bond project which will provide bank protection, ecosystem restoration and river parkway for the Santa Cruz River from Ajo Way to Silverlake Road," said Pima County Flood Control Deirdre Brosnihan.

Thursday folks got a project overview and had their questions answered.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- The humane society is offering a special deal this weekend to adopt an animal.

The 10 for 20 event Thursday through Sunday offers the first twenty mixed breed dogs adopted each day for $10.

The Humane Society has received an extraordinary number of large dogs in the past few days and is overcrowded with dogs needing homes.

"The specials do make a big difference," said Lyndsay Bruno from the Human Society of Southern.  "It's usually people that are considering adopting a dog to begin with, but what's great about adopting from a shelter such as ours is that it's always affordable, but the specials do help."

Visit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona web site for more information.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- The highway patrol issued a dust storm warning Thursday asking drivers to take caution on local highways.

High winds are expected to kick up a lot of dust Thursday and Friday throughout the state.

DPS recommends leaving the freeway if you see a dust storm ahead of you. If you're caught in one, you should turn on your lights and slow down, but never stop on the roadway.

If you need to stop and wait it out, pull completely off the road, turn your lights off, and don't step on the brake while parked.