Texas judge is secretly taped hitting child with belt

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A Youtube video is causing a lot of outrage across the country and right here in Arizona.

Within days of going viral, the graphic video now has more than 2 million hits.

"It was frightening and appalling," Nancy Olin said.

Olin said she feels sorry for Hillary Adams.

Adams was 16 when the video was secretly filmed as her dad spanked her with a belt repeatedly for nearly 8 minutes.  

"If parents want to do corporal punishment I'm not in favor of that at all," Olin said. "Maybe a whack or two, but that seems to me child abuse."

During the video you can hear Adams beg for her dad, a Texas judge, to stop several times. 

The family secret is now out of the bag, nearly seven years after the lashing. Adams was whipped for using the Internet.

The teen is now now 23.

3TV sat down with Kristy Murphy with Childhelp Children's Center in Phoenix.

"The reality is this is an epidemic," Murphy said. "Five kids are dying every single day."

The clinician said if a child came to her with this video or a similar story, she would call the police.

"It's not against the law to spank your child, but hitting with a belt can leave a lot of marks and cause injury to a child," Murphy said.

Judge William Adams defended his disciplinary actions. The dad said he admits losing his temper and has apologized. 

Police are now investigating whether any crime was committed.

A Texas judicial panel is now investigating the Internet video. The judicial panel can recommend to the Texas Supreme Court the judge be suspended or removed.