Gammage Auditorium schools theater career wannabes

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- About 40 kids from several Valley high schools interested in careers in the arts, spent most of their school morning not in their regular classrooms, but at Gammage Auditorium!

For 17 years, Gammage has put on the School-to-Work program, which highlights potential career choices in the arts. During the workshop, students interact with ASU Gammage employees to learn what it takes to run one of the top arts-presenting theaters in the United States.

As part of the program, the students are assigned a job in an ASU Gammage Department, such as the box office, marketing, cultural participation, accounting, even technical production. Students also get an exclusive backstage tour with the company manager of the current show running at Gammage. This week’s show is Blue Man Group!

“This is an amazing experience to offer students,” said Victor Hamburger with Gammage Auditorium. “It opens their eyes to the many possibilities after getting an education. Even if they don’t end up on stage as a singer, dancer or actor, if they enjoy the arts, this program shows them other careers that share in their love for the arts.”

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