Landscape water saving tips

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One of the easiest ways to save water outdoors is to remember to adjust those irrigation timers. Connie from Water Conservation from the town of Queen Creek visited Your Life A to Z today to share some water saving tips.

With 70% of water usage being outdoors now is the perfect time to adjust irrigation timers. It's getting cooler outside which means evaporation rates are not as great as the hot summer months. To maximize your water and money savings irrigation timers should be adjusted four times a year during Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. The only exception would be when you're over-seeding and increased water is needed. But, once that is established remember to cut your irrigation timer down again.

If irrigation timers are confusing and you need help with how to adjust them, Water Use It Wisely hosts information on-line that shows instructions step by step and also gives manufacturing contact information if you should need further assistance. And, if that's not enough help you can find local workshops for hands-on experience.

For more information on landscaping and water saving tips visit Water Use It Wisely on line.