Individual events trying to compromise with Occupy Tucson

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Occupy Tucson protesters are still camped out in Armory Park as we get closer to an event this weekend where another group actually has a permit to use the park.

Representatives for the city and the police department say there will be no changes in enforcement come Saturday when the Procession of Little Angels comes to Armory Park.

So, Occupy Tucson held a meeting and then a vote, attempting to reach a deal with organizers of the procession.

Occupiers held one of their regular general assembly meetings Tuesday night trying to reach a compromise with the Procession of Little Angels.

The Procession's Nadia Hagen spoke to the movement, with a few requests, "We use mainly this space so if for that one day, for November 5, if general assembly can get held on the grass."

Hagen said she would allow the group's kitchen and organizer tents to remain where they are, if items were secured so children can't get into them.

With no direction from the city or Tucson police, Tuesday night's meeting has been the sole attempt to integrate the Little Angels event with the Occupy movement this weekend.

"Right now there's no plan to change our response.  Any change that might come in the future is just going to be handled on a day to day basis," said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt from the Tucson Police Department.

Sgt. Rondstadt says the procession and any event that follows, must not rely on officers to clear the park.  Police will only respond if a crime is being committed, "A fight that breaks out or a report of a theft where there's a suspect.  Then we will handle those accordingly and that may involve custodial arrest."

Both Occupy and the All Souls Group that hosts the procession are looking to iron out the details.

"The All Souls Procession is completely and totally 100% behind Occupy," Hagen said.