Best Buy facing class action lawsuit over "fake" speakers

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX - A class action lawsuit has been filed against electronics retailer, Best Buy, accusing the company of selling fake car speakers.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in downtown Phoenix.

Attorneys say car speakers that Best Buy sold under its house brand name, Insignia, lead consumers to believe they were getting three- and four-way speakers.

The description three-way and four-way refers to how many drivers are used to produce the sound. A three-way speaker has a woofer (low ranger), a tweeter (high ranger) and a mid-ranger driver. A four-way speaker has all three of those components plus a super tweeter.

Attorney Robert Carey says some Insignia speakers didn't all of the advertised elements, showing that when you actually open them up, one of the speakers is just a fake plastic cover.

Carey, who filed the lawsuit, showed us one of the models that retails for around $75.

He estimates hundreds of thousands of consumers bought the speakers over the past few years, and argues Best Buy should have known the speakers weren't what they were advertised to be.

“Most people probably have no idea this is going on. Most Best Buy stores don't know it’s going on,” he said. “But, the people in Best Buy that are supposed to check and test the equipment, they know, and the people that make it know.”

3 On Your Side reached out to Best Buy for comment.

A company representative tells us Best Buy doesn't comment on pending litigation.